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What Type Of Lawyer Do I Need To Talk To In Regards To An Ex Boyfriend Posting Nude Pictures Of Me On A Blog?


I have tried contacting the internet host of the blog, contacted the police and I have yet to get an answer. I desperately need help.

How Do You Upload Pictures From An Env Touch To Your Facebook?


I just got the enV touch from Verizon, and I want to upload my pictures to facebook. I couldn’t figure out how to do it from facebook mobile on the phone, and I don’t know if there are any other ways to do that.
Thanks so much!

How Can I Display Some Very Large Pictures On The Web?


I have a very large, and particularly long tapestry like diagram I need to upload onto the web. I used ‘Blogger’ but when you double click the image it doesn’t become large enough. Does anyone know how to display very large pictures at a high level of picture quality on the web?

Is It Legal To Post Pictures From An Official Movie Website Onto A Blog?


I’m writing a story about the Dark Knight for a marketing agency’s blog and need to find out if I can use pictures directly from the Dark Knight website.
For my own site I wouldn’t care, but they are worried about legal issues.

How Do I Make Pictures On My Web Site Unable To Be Saved By Others?


I am using a template type program to operate and maintain my church’s web site, and need to protect our photos. I need to know how to make them unable to be copied or saved.

How Do I Post Pictures To My Facebook Account, Without Posting Them On Everyones Wall?


I’m wanting to upload a set of pictures onto my facebook account. I don’t want them posted to every “friend’s” wall. I just want them under my pics so anyone can see. I am guessing this is a settings issue, I just don’t know what settings to change. Thanks in advance.

What Camera Is The Best For Taking Web Pictures?


I am interested in setting up a website gallery of some of my paintings. What is the best camera to use for web graphics? Will those cannon digital cameras work well?

How To Save Animated Pictures From Web In To System?


I received an email attachment (Excel) from a friend with santa deer animation saved. But, from the same web site, I could not save it in any manner. What is actually required to do this. My system is a laptop with the latest vista licensed.

Is It Okay To Use Pictures From The Internet On My Blog?


I was wondering if I can legally use pictures from the internet (from Google searches, etc.) on my blog? Do I have to get permission or include a copyright notice?

Why Do My Pictures Upload Sideways On Twitter When They Are Sent From My Iphone 3gs?


When I take a picture from my iPhone and want to post it on my twitter, I have to post them through TwitPic. The picture always ends up being sideways, and no, I am not taking the pictures sideways from my iPhone.