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Facebook Photos Gets Serious « Black Web 2.0


Facebook now supports uploading of high resolution photosZDNet (blog)Facebook Photos Gets SeriousBlack Web 2.0 Facebook Improves Photo Uploads, SharingPC MagazineTechRadar Facebook Photos Go …

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Facebook Photos Gets Serious « Black Web 2.0

On Facebook, Why Have They Got Rid Of The Page Numbers To Help Search Through All Your Photos?


Im tagged in 1200+ photos on facebook, and now that they have removed the page numbers from the top right corner, this means i have to go through EVERY photo and I cant skip pages. It takes ages!!!!
Anyone know why this has happened and if there is anyway of getting page number back?

How Do I Export Photos From My Facebook Albums To Computer?


Well, I just recently received a new computer for christmas because my old one broke. I have all of my photos saved on the old computer and saved on facebook. Does anyone of any fast, efficient way of transporting photos from facebook to my computer? If you find any program, please make sure it’s compatible with mac, thank you 🙂

When Tagging Photos On Facebook Why Does It Start Getting Slower And Slower?


When I’m tagging an album, after a few pictures worth, Facebook starts getting slower and slower, until it is just at a crawl and I have to refresh. The names saved at the top of the tagging list also refresh though, so I have to start typing them in again instead of just clicking them from the top, so annoying!

What Is The Best Web Site Or Printing Shop To Get High Quality Photos With Low Prices?


I am a new photographer working for my first real photoshoot and selling the prints after wards. I’ve always gone to Sam’s or from a web site for getting prints from my shoot. I don’t think Sam’s is the best place for getting the best prints. I’m looking for a good website or printing shop that gives me the highest quality photos with a low price. Any suggestions?

How Do I Upload Photos From A Camera To A Website Such As Facebook Using A Macbook?


I have a Canon and it’s connected to a USB port on my Macbook and everything works great except that you have to save the pictures first on iPhoto and then transfer the pictures to Facebook? Is there another way to do this without saving the pictures first and doing a direct connect to Facebook? It also resizes the images when uploaded to Facebook. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Why When Tagging Photos On Facebook Does It Start Getting Slower And Slower?


When I’m tagging pictures that I have uploaded, after a few pictures worth, Facebook starts gettin slower and slower, until it is just at a crawl and I have to reload.
Is it just mine and why does it keep doing this? Its really annoying and makes me wanna not tag pictures, but thats the whole point of Facebook!?
My browser is Firefox.

How Do I Upload Photos On Facebook Without Having To Create An Album?


I just have four photos that I want to upload onto facebook. But how do I do that wihtout having to create an album?

Can A Web Camera Work Like A Carriable Camera And How Can The Photos Be Taken In Print After Shooting?


Can a web camera work like a carriable camera and how can the photos be taken in print after shooting?