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web 2.0 design photo


web 2.0 design photo. Web 2.0 Design Guide, Web Design Web 2.0 how-to design style elements explained

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web 2.0 design photo

Windows Live Essentials Launches Today, But May Only …


Black Web 2.0 … Windows Live Sync allows you to keep files synchronized across the web and multiple PCs

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Windows Live Essentials Launches Today, But May Only …

How To Add A Photo In The New Yahoo Profile Blog?


Have migrated from 360 blog. The new blog in Profile asks for a URL to add a photo. What about if the pic’s on my computer? Where’s the browse option?

How To Grab Others Photo Albums On Facebook For Your Page?


My husband has photo albums on his Facebook page that I would like to also have under my albums. When I click on the little share icon on his album it doesnt do anything. Any ideas?

What Photo And Blog Sites Are Blocked In China?


I’ll be staying in China for 6 weeks and I found out that multiply and a lot of blog sites are blocked over there. Can anyone give me a partial list of what blog sites are blocked (ex. LJ, blogger) so I know what I can use as an alternative. Thanks!

How Do I Add My Photo To Twitter Without It Being Cropped And Cutting Off Half Of My Head?


I’ve tried to crop it myself and make it smaller and then uploaded it to twitter but for some reason some of the photo is still cut off. Everyone else seems to have their original picture; just a smaller version. Any idea how I can get that? Thanks

How To Get Facebook To Ask You Before Somebody Tags Your Photo?


In your settings, is there a way for facebook to ask you if you want your photo tagged? For example, my friend tried to tag my friend’s boobs and write “boobies” on my photo. Is there a way for me to be asked first before it appears on the photo?