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How Do You Permanently Delete A Blogger Blog?


Blogs I have deleted are still listed on my dashboard and I am given the option to “undelete” them. According to blogger help, “If your blog is on your own server, its files will not be deleted. You can FTP in and delete them manually.” That’s the only explanation I could find but I do not host them on my server, I use the blogspot server!

How Do I Permanently Block Someone On Twitter?


On my Twitter, the same person follows me, its someone disgusted with a women sucking a mans penis as their picture, and on there page it has links to porn websites – disgusting.
When I report and block they come back and follow me again.
How do I permanently block this person from following me?

How Do I Delete My Facebook Page For Good And Permanently?


I deactivated my facebook account but it said that if I ever want to come back to it to just type in my email address and password and it will be like I never left. I want the thing to be gone 100% for good. Does anyone know how to do that? I don’t want my friends to still see my picture up and think I am still on. Please help. Thank you.