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Who’s That Teen Kid From The Newer Verizon Commercial Where Their Parents Are On Twitter And Stuff?


He’s the one standing next to his sister and their mom and dad are holding their phones and their on twitter and stuff, who’s the guy? He has blonde hair. Thanks!

How To Convince My Parents To Let Me Get A Facebook?


So i’m a freshmen in high school and i really want to get a facebook. My mom might let me but she wants to know more about facebook like what you do with it and their safety settings and such but i don’t really know what to tell her cuz i don’t actually have one so i don’t know about all the features. Any suggestions?

How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Facebook?


I am a freshman in high school and really want a facebook. Every single one of my friends has one and I have convinced my mom to allow me to have one. The only problem is convincing my dad. Both of my parents also have one. How to convince my dad to let me get a facebook?

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