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Connie Crosby: Practical Applications of Web 2.0 Technology for …


The application is definitely Web 2.0 , based on a web platform, but the paid level allows for a version of the software to be downloaded to the desktop. I just used the free web-based version here

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Connie Crosby: Practical Applications of Web 2.0 Technology for …

Do You Know The Best Way To Start A Product Comparison Blog And How To Get Paid For Using Various Products?


i think it would be a cool idea to get paid to compare products on the market..or even to try them out so that everyone will know if they are worth buying.
how do you go about properly setting up such a blog and approaching manufacturers to send their products to you? or do you just set up the site and buy your own products of interest to talk about.
i would love to do this and to get mass traffic to the site.
what are your thoughts?

How Do You Get Paid By Facebook By Making Application?


Well, I am planning on developing a code and creating a Facebook application. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how it roughly works. How do I get paid if I get enough users? How many users do I need in order to get paid? Where does the money go to? Paypal account? Has anyone made any facebook applications so that they can tell me their story? Thanks

What Is The Best Known Blog Site Where Anyone Can Post Articles And Get Paid If Many People Read Them?


I’m interested in publishing some articles on a blog where they’ll get read widely. I’ve heard that some sites even pay people if their blog entries get enough interest. I’m mainly interested in getting read, but getting paid would be an added bonus!

How Do Web Sites Get Paid From Advertiers?


Is it from how many hits come to the site? Is it from when someone clicks on a pop up on your site? How much do adverisers pay for internet ads to web sites?

How Can I Get Paid To Blog Online On Various Subjects Of Interest?


I would like to know how can I start a blog and get to write on various subjects and get paid for it here in India. I love writing, but unfortunately, don’t know how to go about blogging and I’ve heard that some guys have made a career out of it. Would like to get as many answers as the wise men and women of this world can give me.