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How To Attract People To Web Page Free?


I have a web page on one of web sites, and I need as many people to visit it as possible, so this web site’s rating for my page will go up. How could I do it for free?

How Do I Delete Facebook Account Without Deleting My Fan Page?


Facebook isn’t very helpful with this, so here I am. I made a fan page for myself and now I want to delete my personal facebook page without deleting the fan page. Is this possible? What would be an alternative router besides this?

How Does One Ensure That A Downloaded Web Page Will Be Printed To The End Of All Lines?


Using XP Home SP2 with HP 3100 printer. Most web pages print with loss of end of line words or parts of words. A real pain and waste.

How Can I Show My Entire Blog Entry On My Multiply Front Page?


Like when I open my multiply site, I want my entire blog entry to be shown not just the summary. Please Help.. Thanks!

How Do I Export My Twitter Updates To Facebook Fan Page?


I own a small business. How do I automatically share/export my business Twitter account updates to my Facebook business Fan Page’s Wall?

How To Grab Others Photo Albums On Facebook For Your Page?


My husband has photo albums on his Facebook page that I would like to also have under my albums. When I click on the little share icon on his album it doesnt do anything. Any ideas?

On Facebook, Why Have They Got Rid Of The Page Numbers To Help Search Through All Your Photos?


Im tagged in 1200+ photos on facebook, and now that they have removed the page numbers from the top right corner, this means i have to go through EVERY photo and I cant skip pages. It takes ages!!!!
Anyone know why this has happened and if there is anyway of getting page number back?

What Are The Differences Between Tabs Vs Links In A Web Page?


I often hear people talk about ‘tabs’ and ‘links’ in web page. I notice that ‘tabs’ are always on the horizontal position on top part of a web page. Links are mostly located in the vertical column or within the main texts.
But, what are actually the correct differences among the two?

How Do I Make A Link On My Myspace Page That Goes To My Blog, Without Actually Having My Blog On The Page?


I want a link on my Myspace page, that goes directly to blog from my page. However I don’t want to have the blog on there, were it lists all the entries. I want it to go to my blog central.

How Do I Add Products To A Web Page From Another Site Quickly?


I want to setup my own web page with product pictures, descriptions, and prices. I will be getting all that information from my suppliers.
Is there a faster way to put all that information on my website rather than adding each product individually?
In other words is there another way to add their products to my page without copying each image, description, and price individually?