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What Web Site Shows Free Overseas Markets Quotes?


I’d like to follow overseas markets (FTSE, CAC, etc.) before the US markets open. Is there a web site that has major international indexes listed for free?

Is There A Web Site To Locate Overseas Workers Looking For Work They Can Do Remotely?


I am setting up a Remote Executive Assistants service and am looking for resources in countries such as India, Phillippines, Indonesia who are interested in undertaking this type of work on an outsourced basis. I’d like to find appropriate web sites where I can post a classified ad to find these types of resources. What job sites cater to those markets?
Thanks for your help.

How Big Is The Danger Of Moving Web Developer Jobs Overseas?


I want to become a web developer or a web master, but I’m worried about possobility of moving those jobs overseas. How big is it?