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How Can I Put The Code Of A Div Layout On My Blog For Others To Use?


i have a layout site, and im not that new to this stuff, but im not a pro.
i made some div layouts and i wanted to put them on my blog but when ever i put the code in a scroll box it changes the background of the blog and disappears from the box.
i was wondering how i can get the code to stay with out it changing my blog.
if you want to see what i have so far just ask ill write the website

How To Grab Others Photo Albums On Facebook For Your Page?


My husband has photo albums on his Facebook page that I would like to also have under my albums. When I click on the little share icon on his album it doesnt do anything. Any ideas?

How Do I Make Pictures On My Web Site Unable To Be Saved By Others?


I am using a template type program to operate and maintain my church’s web site, and need to protect our photos. I need to know how to make them unable to be copied or saved.

How Can I Prevent Others From Seeing My Friends List In Facebook?


How can i prevent others from seeing infromation about me in facebook, although i choose ‘only friends’ to these information??????

Will Facebook Remind Others Of My Birthday If I Have It Hidden?


Even though I’ve hidden my birthday on my profile, I’m wondering if Facebook will still send them a reminder about my birthday. If so, how can I stop it from happening? Thanks!

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Does Anyone Know And Awesome Website Where You Can Make A Decorative Blog For Others To Read?


Hi, I love to write and I was wondering if anyone knows of a website for bloggers where they can make a blog, that they can decorate and let others read. I am not talking about just the text. Most blogging websites only let you post pictures, videos, and whatever. I am talking about actual like scrapbooking collage, and sticker decorating. Thank you….

Why Do Some People Get The New Facebook Homepage First And Not Others?


Ive got some friends who got the new Facebook homepage and some who still have the old Facebook homepage. Ive got the old one myself. Why do some people get the new one but others keep the old one longer? Like, why did I not get the new one, but some other people did?

How Come I’m Getting Some Of The Updates To My Phone From Twitter But Not Others?


i get some twitter updates sent to my phone,so i got one from demi lovato and later on when i went on her twitter on the internet, there were many more than the one i got sent to my phone?

How To Suggest Friends On Facebook To Others Who Aren’t New To Fb?


How to suggest friends on facebook to others who aren’t new to facebook? I want to suggest someone to another person but that person has had facebook for a long time. Normally it is under the profile pic..but i think that is only for new members. What can I do?

Does Hiding Your Myspace Of Facebook Profile Prevent Others From Finding It In A Search Engine?


I recently googled myself and found some online things that I don’t neccesarily want shared, in the process I noticed neither my Facebook nor Myspace came up.
Could it be that making your page private on myspace and only allowing only your networks on Facebook to see your page hide it from becoming available in search engines?