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Are You Billed For Roaming When Using Twitter From Other Countries?


I live in the Philippines, and I just started using this twitter SMS-ing thing a few hours ago. I dont want to go too trigger-happy yet seeing as I don’t know what exactly it will cost me. It says standard rates apply, but thats for USA. What I’m trying to say is, will being in a country outside of the US cost me more?

What’s A Cool Teen Blog That Different From All The Other One?


I wanna blog but I don’t wanna use blogger, blogspot, myspace blog, facebook notes, live journal, rotten tomatoes, or any of those. I want a cool blog that appeals to teens and has cool layouts and stuff. But also, I want it to be private. Kinda like an online diary but not one of those retarded blogger type ones. Help? :]

Other Than Blogger What Are Good Blog Sites Teens Can Use?


I want to create a blog that has a creative layout like what you find on MySpace, but with more traffic. I’m not a fan of the Blogger site.
Any suggestions?

How Do I Get Other People’s Profile Picture Back On My Blog?


I have a blog code from some layout site and when someone comments in my blog their profile picture is gone, only the text is there and a link to their profile. I want their profile picture back on my blog. How do I do that?

How Do I Customize My Blog And Other Areas Of Myspace?


I figured out how to customize my profile, but where do I add the html to customize my blog and pictures, etc.? Is there a good resource for FAQ’s for myspace? I can’t find anything at their site.

How Do I Make A Blog Badge That Other People Can Put On Their Sites For Advertising?


I want to make a badge that would act as a link that people could embed on their pages. Any other free form of blog advertisement would be appreciated as well….I’m not a computer wizard, so I would be grateful for dumbed-down explanations haha

Is Twitter, Facbook Or Other Social Network Sites Useless If You Have No Friends?


So i have no friends of anyone that would care to know what im doing with my life. So i haven’t bothered to sign up for twitter since it would seem kind of pointless.
Maybe im wrong though, is it still worth it to sign up if your friendless.

What Can I Copy From Other Websites To My Blog?is It Legal To Copy Content From Sites Like Wiki & News Sites?


I wanted to copy and paste little information from a website. Is it legal to do so? or can anyone tell me what can i post to my blog and from which websites?

How Does Facebook Or Some Other Sites Submit Data Without Loading The Whole Page?


Like in facebook when you type something on ‘What’s on your mind?’ and press ‘share’, it sends your text without loading the page.
I know PHP and Javascript.Thanks.

Is There An Easy Way To Read A Blog From The Beginning Date Other Than Selecting Previous Entry 20 Times?


Why are they set up this way? This seems so antiquated to me. i would like to catch up with an old blog, but i don’t want to tab back 1000x. Any thoughts?