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Where Can I Find A Hit Counter For My Blog That Wont Count My Own Hits But Only Outside Hits?


I noticed that my hit counter is counting the times I go to view my own blog and I’m hoping that someone can tell me of a counter that will not count the times I go to my blog but only others. Thanks!

How Do You Only Allow Friends And Relatives To View Your Blog In Blogger?


I need a blog to go to just family. How do i?

How Do I Change My My Space Blog From “friends Only” To Public View So That Anyone Can See My Blogs?


I wrote a blog last year and set it to be viewable by friends only at the time, and I’m afraid that if I try to change it now, it will delete the entire blog and the ten or more comments from friends that accompany it. Help!

Is There Any Blog Which Contains Phottos Only -mainly Collages?


I want to know about photoblogs especially that which contains collages. It must be a blog and not any websites.

How Do I Set Up A Blog On Myspace And Have Only A Select Few Read It?


I posted a blog, but I just want only a few select friends to have access to it. I already posted a blog but I really only want close friends to have access to that particular blog on myspace.

I Use Twitter Widget To Display Updates On My Website. How Can I Filter So Only Selected Tweets Are Displayed?


I also display my tweets on my Facebook page – same question applies. Probably to do with hashtags, but how can I filter on a hashtag? Twitter only provides a block of HTML to show all my tweets.