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Twitter May Raise Money as Web 2.0 Values Soar – DailyFinance


Twitter is mulling a new round of funding that could value the company at over $3 billion. This news comes just as Google is in negotiations to buy Groupon for as much as $6 billion. Other large web 2.0 companies have also been given …

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Twitter May Raise Money as Web 2.0 Values Soar – DailyFinance

Web 2.0 Ireland » Blog Archive » Ireland to Exhibit at Le Web 2010!


I’ve been finding it hard to keep this news under my hat since the idea was first floated a few months back. There will be an Ireland Pavilion at Le Web in Paris this year! This is just an absolutely brilliant idea and huge kudos goes …

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Web 2.0 Ireland » Blog Archive » Ireland to Exhibit at Le Web 2010!

I’m Doing A Report About Twitter In The News. What Are Some Of The Newsworthy Events Having To Do With It?


For example, the Iran elections. What are other stories like that dealing with Twitter?

Who Can Provide The News Web Which Is Proper Children To Read?


Hello! Everybody ! Please help me !I want to lean English by reading news, but generally the news web are difficult to me.
I want to find some news web so that I can elevate my reading quality. Who can provide the news web which is proper children to read.Pleas provide the link for me. Thanks!

Is There A Conservative Blog-type News Website Similar To The Huffington Post?


Hi, I often read the Huffington Post. It is a liberal blog-style news website. I really enjoy their commentaries and in-depth news that other bigger networks generally don’t cover.
Is there a conservative website that does basically the same thing? I want to know what the conservatives are talking about 🙂

What Is A Good Blog To Read For News On International Internet Companies And Trends?


I’m looking for a blog or magazine that reports on startups, trends, and news from international internet companies. I have a specific interest in India, Europe, Latin America, or Asia. I’d even take suggestions for multiple blogs that I could aggregate using something like Yahoo! Pipes.
Thanks for the help.

How Do I Make Links Work On Facebook Group Descriptions And News Sections?


So i know that some people have links to other websites on their facebook groups. Right now I have them placed but they are solid black text that doesn’t link. They should be in blue right? How do I get the links to work? And yes this is the description and news part of the group.

How Does Facebook Determine What Information Appears In Your News Feed?


I realize there are ways to alter the amount that certain people appear on your news feed, but if none of these settings have been changed, how does facebook determine which people appear ? Does is correlate with how often you interact with these people or view their profiles? It seems that certain people appear much more often than others and I was wondering why.

How Do You Find News Via Twitter Before News Networks Pick Up On It?


I know it’s not always accurate, but I’m still curious to know. Wouldn’t you have to be following just the right person in order to catch it? Or are there feeds that constantly monitor Twitter?

Show me the Money – Web 2.0 Firms not raking in the cash | The …


Many of us who had lived through the first internet bubble of the late 1990′s and early part of 2000 probably weren’t surprised to see this coming – but the news hit last night when the Financial Times published a piece entitled Web 2.0 …

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Show me the Money – Web 2.0 Firms not raking in the cash | The …