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What Is A Good Name For A Blog About The Life Of A Teenager?


I want to make a blog about every day in my life as a teenager – like the things no one really knows about being a teen. What should I call it though? I have absolutely no idea. . . .

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What Is The Name Of The Video Blog Thing That Payton Sawyer On One Tree Hill Has On The Beginning Seasons?


Payton Sawyer, a character on One Tree Hill had a video blog thing on the first couple seasons. What is the name of it?

How Do I Get Part Of My Facebook Name In A Different Language?


How could I insert different font (ex. Tamil, Chinese) into my facebook name? I’ve seen people with it and just curious as to how it is done.

What Would Be A Good Name For A Blog On Pregnancy?


I want to start a blog. Just for my friends and family, so I don’t have to call everyone ever time something happens. I just found out I am pregnant, and I dont want to have to send pictures to 50 million different people. (you know what i mean.)
so any sujestions on funny, creative pregnancy blog names?

I Have A Small Business – Should I Start A Twitter Account Using The Business Name Or My Personal Name?


I am a bit of a shy person so my first instinct would be to use the business name. The purpose of having Twitter is to build up a list of followers who I can hopefully convert into blog followers for my business blog.
Which should I choose?

What Would Be A Good Name For A Baseball Blog?


I”ve been wanting to do a baseball blog for a while and I have a few names in mind, but I think I may have overcooked my brain. Do you guys have any ideas? All input is very much appreciated! Thanks!

Can Someone Help Me With Creating A Creative Blog Name?


I’m planning on writing about news, stuff going on in the world and also myself a little. If anyone has any good ideas it would be a lot of help!! Otherwise I will be trying to think of one and will never end up creating the blog at all. Thank you!

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Is It Possible To Get The Name Of Your Personal Blog Trademarked?


Is it possible to get the name of your personal blog trademarked. When applying for the trademark, what type of service would it be, how would one go about convincing the system to approve the trademark?

What Is A Clever Name For A Weight Loss Blog?


I am planning to begin to lose weight and I want to start a blog about my weight loss, the struggles, post pictures, write about what I have learned as I go and other stuff about my personal journey to find the skinnier me. Any suggestions for a snappy, catchy blog title?

Name My Blog! I Need A Great Name For A Blog About Boeing And Aviation! Do You Have Any Good Ideas?


I’m making a blog about Boeing and aviation and I need a really awesome name. The focus of the blog could be about anything from current Boeing news to the company in pop culture, history, etc. I may discuss other companies such as Airbus, but the focus is on Boeing and other companies would be discussed as competitors. Fire away with your ideas!