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Making A Web 2.0 Site


Article from Ubscure and entitled Making A Web 2.0 Site – By George Tee.

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Making A Web 2.0 Site

Does Any Know Anything About The Twitter Money Making Program?


I was looking at an email I received this morning from the twitter money making program. I’ve done google searches on this and come up with nothing. Has anyone tried this or is still trying this and are they happy? I have 2 home businesses so I don’t need links to other home businesses. Just an answers to my question.
Thank you.

How Do You Get Paid By Facebook By Making Application?


Well, I am planning on developing a code and creating a Facebook application. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how it roughly works. How do I get paid if I get enough users? How many users do I need in order to get paid? Where does the money go to? Paypal account? Has anyone made any facebook applications so that they can tell me their story? Thanks