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How Long Does A Facebook Account Stay Active For If You Do Not Log In?


I currently have no access to facebook and am unlikely to for a few months. If I do not log in for over 5 months will my account still be there, or will it be suspended, or will it be completely deleted? I can’t even check the facebook site for info as it is blocked here. Thank you!

How Long Did It Take For Your Blog To Start Generating Decent Traffic 500 – 1000?


Also if you wouldn’t mine telling me what type of blog it was I would be appreciative.

How Long Will It Take For A Facebook Account To Be Deactivated?


I created a Facebook account by mistake and now i deactivated it. How long will it take to be fully deactivated?

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How Long Do Changes Privacy Settings Take To Start Working On Facebook?


I’ve just changed my privacy “personal info” settings on facebook so that a friend of mine can’t see that I’ve become single.
However, they can still see my relationship status.
How long does it take before privacy settings are updated?

How Long Will A Facebook Profile Last If User Does Not Log In Ever Again?


My friend tragically died just wondered how long her profile would remain on Facebook if she never was to log in again? It’s nice to leave a message every now and again..

How Long Does It Take For A Twitter Account To Be Deleted?


A few days ago I deleted my twitter account because I wanted to use the e-mail it was under to create another account, but it still said that the e-mail was taken. Its weird though because it gives me an option to restore my account … I need help!

How Long Before Twitter Is Just Another Idiotic Meaningless Fad That Fades Away To Nothingness?


It is so mind boggling ridiculous, who the hell cares if I’m picking my nose this very minute or sitting on a coach reading. Just like the Atkins diet and any other thing that gets people rushing out to be a part of , twitter too will fade away to nothingness. I am so glad I’m not like the rest of society idiotic sense of nothingness.

How Long Does It Take Facebook To Enable Your Disabled Acount?


My facebook account was just deleted and I already sent out a message telling facebook about it. I did nothing wrong, I was signing in today and a message popped up saying I am not able to sign in because my account was disabled. After I sent the message, facebook responded saying that they will fix the problem soon. But, how long does it take facebook to actually enable the account? And when it does get enabled, can you bring back all of your profile information without having to re-add everything, like friends and photos?

How Long Might It Take For My Web Comic To Start Earning Money?


I need to decide whether to get a third job or start focusing on web comics – which is my passion. I really need to start earning more money, but if I get a third job, I’ll never have time to start my comic!
With an aggressive and proactive advertising campaign, how long might it take for my web comic to start earning some money, if I do my best to make it a fantastic piece of work?

How Long Does It Take For The Blog I’ve Created To Become Active?


I created a blog on blogspot over the weekend. I followed all the steps correctly but when I try to search for my blog with google I can’t find it. Does it take a while to become live or active?