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How Do You Start A Program Online Like Facebook?


So not that I’m planning on it, but I’m curious. How does someone start an online program such as Facebook or a new search engine?
Like I know its programming, but hows it done?
Even if I have a good programming knowledge, how do you go about doing it.

How Do I Make My Myspace Blog Private That If You View My Blog It Will Say Something Like “you Must Subscribe”?


I know myspace had that option where you would click a users blog and it said something like, you must subscribe to this persons blog to view. Can you still do that?

How Do You Get People Like You To Join Your Blog?


Like people who know the truth about weight and media ect.? I placed my blog in my profile here, but how do you get the right people to join? All are welcomed but I think it would be cool also to have people who see the truth. How? Or do you have to pay for people to see your blog?

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How Can I Start My Own Blog Like Perez Hilton?


I want to start my own blog for the world to read. Any tips?

What Would You Like To See In A Vegan/vegetarian Web Site?


What content would you like to see on a Vegan/Vegetarian Web site? I am working on a brand new Web site. I would appreciate your input. Thank you in advance!

How Do I Get My Blog Listed In Search Engines Like Google, Lycos, Or Yahoo For Free?


I made a blog (you can view it in my profile) and I read that I should get it listed in search engines. I’m new at this, sorry. Can someone explain how I can get listed. Not just those but as many as I can, for free please.

Hey Howcome On Facebook You Cant See When Was The Last Time Your Friends Login Like Myspace Has It?


Why is that? Facebook is great but its a little confusing.

This Is Also For The Non-motorcylist – What Would You Like To See In A Motorcycle Blog?


Hello Everyone! I guess there are many among you who face continuous problems with the overhead cams or with a leaking oil seal and the mechanic drives you nuts. Thus came the concept of a motorcycle blog; apart from the usual user interactions, what else would u like to see there?

How Would Colleges Like To See A Blog?


There is a certain hobby I enjoy and I’d like to start a blog showcasing the products of that hobby. Would colleges really like it if I started a blog?

How Can I Make My Blog Private Like My Profile?


The problem is that while my profile is set to private and no one who isn’t my friend can see it, the blog part can easily be seen by anyone. If you do a Google search for my username, and click on the blog link, it pops up. Is there a way to block Google from linking to my Myspace blog or profile? Can I make my blog private?