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How Can I Put The Code Of A Div Layout On My Blog For Others To Use?


i have a layout site, and im not that new to this stuff, but im not a pro.
i made some div layouts and i wanted to put them on my blog but when ever i put the code in a scroll box it changes the background of the blog and disappears from the box.
i was wondering how i can get the code to stay with out it changing my blog.
if you want to see what i have so far just ask ill write the website

How To Enter A Layout Code In A Myspace Blog?


I’m trying to enter a myspace layout code into a myspace blog, but the code doesn’t show up.
The blog is supposed to be like this:
(image of the layout)
this is the code:
the code
When I enter it, the code doesn’t show up.
What do I have to do for the code to be visible?

How To Accept Gifts On The New Facebook Layout?


I can’t find the link to accept farmville gifts on the new facebook layout. Does anyone know how to?

How To Put A Custom Layout On A WordPress Blog ?


Hey does anybody out there know how to put a custom made layout on a wordpress blog ? Cause I just recently made this blog and I wanted to put a layout on it but IDK how, I would rather it be a custom made one instead of the default ones on the website.

Create a Professional Web 2.0 Layout | SHRE Design – Creative, Art …


We need to set lower borders for the header area, therefore we’ll drag a new horizontal guide after 100px. go to View > New Guide, Position: 100. 3 Create a Professional Web 2.0 Layout …

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Create a Professional Web 2.0 Layout | SHRE Design – Creative, Art …

How Do I Remove The Space Where The Blog Section Was Without Screwing The Layout?


The table above the blog section (a part of my layout) moves up when I use the code to remove the blog section and the space where it was. It makes my layout look like ****.

How Do You Make A Preview Of A Myspace Layout In Your Blog?


I just started this new myspace profile that makes layouts for people to use. Usually, other sites that do this have a blog that says “layouts”. You click it and when you want to see what one looks like, you click on the name and it transfers you to a preview of the layout. I wanted to know how those people make the preview sites. Thanks for your help!

How Can I Post Layout Codes Into My Myspace Blog To Make A Layout Site?


I make my own layouts for my myspace and my friends’ myspace. I wanted to try to make a myspace layout site. I’ve tryed 3 times and have failed. My problem is figuring out how to post the layout codes into the blog. Everytime I post them it messes up and the codes for the layout won’t work. Any suggestions?

How Do I Write On My Facebook Wall With The New Layout?


Once again facebook changed the homepage and now I can’t figure out how to write on my own wall. I hate this new layout and I need help please!

Building web 2.0 apps with jMaki |


In this blog I will show how to use one of the layout templates, various widgets, the dynamic container and the glue feature that are part of jMaki to quickly build a web 2.0 application. I will use the NetBeans plugin to build the app …

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Building web 2.0 apps with jMaki |