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What Should I Make A Group For On Facebook, And How Can I Get People To Become Fans Or Join The Group?


I really want to make a group on Facebook, but I don’t know what to make it for. Can you help me think of something to make a group about? And can you give me some tips on how to get people to notice it and join or become a fan.

How Do You Get People Like You To Join Your Blog?


Like people who know the truth about weight and media ect.? I placed my blog in my profile here, but how do you get the right people to join? All are welcomed but I think it would be cool also to have people who see the truth. How? Or do you have to pay for people to see your blog?

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How Do You Stop The Groups You Join Of Facebook From Appearing On The Main Groups Page?


On the facebook home page, there is a link to a page that shows all the groups joined recently by your friends. How do you stop the groups you join from appearing on it?

Facebook – How Many Different Ways Are There To Join A Group? Please Give Details As Its Very Important?


I really need to know how many ways there are too join a group and how you actually do it. Its important because a friend of mine has a disciplinary at work tomorrow with regards to stuff that has been put on facebook. All help is much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.