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When Is It Advisable To Use Clustered Web Servers Instead Of A Single Machine?


At what point is it better to run a cluster of web servers vs a single machine? We’re currently running a web server machine and a SQL machine and the idea of running a cluster instead of the web server has been brought up. The web server runs .net pages and .net services.

How Do I Get My Web Security Guard To Automatically Block A Dangerous Website Instead Of Asking Me What To Do?


Sometimes, a website tries to redirect me to another site or download something which is dangerous & the Web Security Guard pops up a message asking me if I want to block it, get more info on the site, or allow it.
Ofcoarse, I have to press “block it”, but how can I get it to automatically block it without having to ask me whether I want to or not, if it is possible.
Please help me. Thank you for your answers.

What Is The Term For Facebook Users That Use Profile Pictures Of Their Kids Instead Of Themselves?


It seems that many people in their thirties who use Facebook have already given up on life and have passed their legacy to their children. Why else would they be inclined to use pictures of their minor children rather than themselves?