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Would Anyone Help Me Advertise My Charity Blog?


Hi everyone, I created a blog in order to publish a novel which will hopefully benefit people in Uganda, Africa. I feel as though my website and my purpose are for the most part unknown. If you would please help me spread my message, I would greatly appreciate it. You can view a full description of my mission and my website at . any help would be greatly appreciated.

How To Make A Blog And Get A Money From Create Blog,anyone Help..?


Can u describe a step to create a blog and activated it ?
Can u describe how to ensure money come to my blog ?
Can u describe how to register my blog ?
Can u describe what topic almost people looking for to ensure a lot of people come to my blog ?
Any experience people please help me..
Thanks before for your kindness and attention.
I need to create my blog to pay for my mom and my family ( they need help in financial ).Thx

On Facebook, Why Have They Got Rid Of The Page Numbers To Help Search Through All Your Photos?


Im tagged in 1200+ photos on facebook, and now that they have removed the page numbers from the top right corner, this means i have to go through EVERY photo and I cant skip pages. It takes ages!!!!
Anyone know why this has happened and if there is anyway of getting page number back?

What Web Site Can Help A High School Kid Learn Spanish?


He saw a web site that even had his spanish book on it but he forgot what web site. He has a C and not much longer to pull this grade up.

Where Can I Find A Web Site To Help Me Build A Hen House? More Below?


me and my sister are going to raise chickens and we want to build our own chicken house, do you know of any good sites where we can look at different hen houses? and a web site that gives you good hints on being a good chicken/ egg owner?

Can Someone Help Me With Creating A Creative Blog Name?


I’m planning on writing about news, stuff going on in the world and also myself a little. If anyone has any good ideas it would be a lot of help!! Otherwise I will be trying to think of one and will never end up creating the blog at all. Thank you!

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What Is A Cheap Web Hosting Site That Can Help Collect Donations?


One that is simple to use and isn’t for a business. And one where I can keep my name and information out of it. I am helping collect donations for someone I know who is sick and I don’t want my information given in the process. Does anyone know of a web hosting site that fits this profile?

Is There A Web Site That Can Help You Estimate Your Tax Returns?


Looking for a web site that has a feature where you can get an estimated amount of your tax returns free of cost. Something similar to doing a mock return.

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How Do You Create A Blog To Help Out People In Need?


I have a group of moms in need all over the us. I want to create a blog for people to donate to these moms, but don’t know what exactly to add to this blog other than their stories. Any ideas?