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What Web Site Can I Use To Find Someone For Absolutely Free Without Having To Pay A Fee?


My fiance is trying to find her sons father because her son needs some medical history from his father.I have tried finding him in CT.but we don’t have the money to pay for the web sites that require a fee.His name is James Alfred Morgan,age 40 years and his birthdate is 08-07-1967.He was living in Danielson,CT. but we are not for sure.

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I’m Doing A Report About Twitter In The News. What Are Some Of The Newsworthy Events Having To Do With It?


For example, the Iran elections. What are other stories like that dealing with Twitter?

How Do I Make A Link On My Myspace Page That Goes To My Blog, Without Actually Having My Blog On The Page?


I want a link on my Myspace page, that goes directly to blog from my page. However I don’t want to have the blog on there, were it lists all the entries. I want it to go to my blog central.

Why Is My Facebook Having Me Download Something?


So I tried going on Facebook and all of a sudden it doesnt take me to the site and has this thing pop up saying its a file download. It wont take me to the site, and I have the options to find something to download it or whatever. Why is it doing this? It worked fine 10 minutes ago.

What Are The Pros And Cons To Having A Facebook Page?


I’m thinking about reactivating my facebook page because i’m hearing it’s more and more used in business and profession worlds. And it’s great for keeping in touch with old contacts. But, i’m worried about the time cost vs benefit. What or the pros and cons to having a facebook page or anything similar to facebook.

How To Save Web Pages With Sound Files On My Psp Without Having To Log Back Into The Internet?


I have like the super latest version of psp like 3.4 or whatever and I am trying to learn Japanese on my PSP. There aren’t alot of podcast or you tube videos but there are alot of web pages with sound files. How do I save these on my psp without having to log back into the net.

How Do I Upload Photos On Facebook Without Having To Create An Album?


I just have four photos that I want to upload onto facebook. But how do I do that wihtout having to create an album?

What Are The Keys To Having A Successful Blog?


What makes you want to read certain blogs? What are some topics that you think would make a blog successful? How does one get more people to watch their blog?

How Can I Subscribe To A Blog Of Someone From Friendster Without Having To Add Them As A Friend?


I want to be able to read this person’s Friendster blog but she’s not a friend of mine and I don’t really want to bother adding her. Her profile is on private so I don’t know how I would be able to access and read her blog. Ideas, anyone?