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How Do I Get A Song That I Have Purchased To Play On My Blog?


I purchased the song from Jukebox. But if I highlight a word on my page in order to create a link to play the song, I don’t know what URL to put down. I don’t know where to find the song except when I open Jukebox to actually play it. Maybe this is not the best way to get the song on my blog. What should I do?

How Old Do You Have To Be To Have A Twitter Account?


i want a twitter account but i dont know how old you have to be. and what exactly is twitter? is it better than myspace or facebook? is there a myspace for kids to young to have an actual one?
please answer!

How Can I Sign In To A Web Site To Modify It If I Have The Rights To Do So?


I want to add articles to a web page. I am given the user name and password to sign in as an administrator, but I don’t know where to start.

How Many Small Businesses Have Web Sites In United States?


I am evaluating the size of the small business web site marketplace for a new service which would be sold to web site owners. The SBA currently states that 99 percent of the 25 million companies in the US have less then 500 employees. I am looking for the best way to determine how many of these companies have web sites?

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On Facebook, Why Have They Got Rid Of The Page Numbers To Help Search Through All Your Photos?


Im tagged in 1200+ photos on facebook, and now that they have removed the page numbers from the top right corner, this means i have to go through EVERY photo and I cant skip pages. It takes ages!!!!
Anyone know why this has happened and if there is anyway of getting page number back?

Do Jonas Brothers Have Individual Twitter Accounts Or Are They Fake?


It looks to me like jonaskevin and nickjonas are really them. Joe doesn’t seem to have one. Is it true or are they just really good fakes? They should post on the JB twitter and say if it is really them or not!

Will Facebook Remind Others Of My Birthday If I Have It Hidden?


Even though I’ve hidden my birthday on my profile, I’m wondering if Facebook will still send them a reminder about my birthday. If so, how can I stop it from happening? Thanks!

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How Do I Request To Have My Username Stripped From My Facebook Account?


Someone who had access to my account changed my username to something I did not want. I saw somewhere where I could have it stripped from my account. How do I contact Facebook about this?

I Want To Start A Blog Search Site. I Have The Domain But How Do I Get The Search Engine?


My only hurdle is that I don’t know how to get a search engine for the actual blog search function. I can’t find any info on it either. I don’t know if Id have to have my own crawler built or if I can just pay someone to plug the search into my site. Can anyone help please? I know I could use Google Custom Search but it doesn’t have the flexibility that I need.

Is Twitter, Facbook Or Other Social Network Sites Useless If You Have No Friends?


So i have no friends of anyone that would care to know what im doing with my life. So i haven’t bothered to sign up for twitter since it would seem kind of pointless.
Maybe im wrong though, is it still worth it to sign up if your friendless.