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How To Develope Web Applications In Regional Language With Google Code ?


I am new to computer programming, I am interested to making web applications in tamil language. I am choosing GOOGLE CODE as resource. Please anyone help to me.. Tell me about the video tutorials and documentation and the thing that is need to develop web apps..

How Do I Make My Google Blog Search Able On Google?


i have a gmail blog account and i want it to be search able through google, how do i do that?

How Do I Allow Google To Index My WordPress Blog?


When i set the blog up, I had indexing turned off because I needed to import a ton of content. I thought I turned it back on by going to Settings/Privacy/Blog Visibility, but i just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a separate spidering setting that I am missing.

How Can Google Web Include A New Question On Yahoo Answers So Quick?


These days i notice that each time i post a new question on Yahoo answers, I can find my question in approximately five minutes by running a Google web search . How can Google web include a new question on Yahoo answers so quick? What’s the technical secret behind it?

How Do I Get My Blog Listed In Search Engines Like Google, Lycos, Or Yahoo For Free?


I made a blog (you can view it in my profile) and I read that I should get it listed in search engines. I’m new at this, sorry. Can someone explain how I can get listed. Not just those but as many as I can, for free please.

How Do I Download Videos From Google Videos Onto My Blog?


I have a blog on blogger and would like to download Google videos to it. How do I do that?

What Sites Can I Submit My Blog To For More Google / Yahoo Search Results?


Directories, places that will link to it, etc. Is this stuff important to getting my blog in search results? What sort of site can I register my blog site with?

How Do You Make Your Blogspot Blog Be Numder 1 Searched On Google?


my blog isint found on google but others which it has the same topic of is found as number 1 and 2. how do I make mine get number 1?

How Can I See My Facebook Profile Picture On Google Images?


I need a picture at school, but they have blocked facebook websites. But some of my friends can find their pictures on google images. Help?

What Type Of Web Development Technology That Google Uses To Create Gmail?


I like Gmail very much. I want to create a website to do the roll-call task at my University and I want to have a web that works & looks similar to Gmail. Can anyone tell me the answer? Is it .Net or Rubby-on-rail?