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What Is A Good Name For A Blog About The Life Of A Teenager?


I want to make a blog about every day in my life as a teenager – like the things no one really knows about being a teen. What should I call it though? I have absolutely no idea. . . .

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What Are Some Really Good Tips And Ways To Get A Lot Of Twitter Followers?


i’m new to twitter and not a lot of my friends have it so how do i get more?

What Are Some Good Art Tutorials On The Web?


I’d love to be able to draw, to be able to express my thoughts in art, I was just wondering if anyone knows of any helpful ways to get started in this on the web. Thanks.

What Are Some Good Blogging Websites To Blog About Ur Life?


I’m looking for a good blogging website to blog about my life experiences and opinions on various aspects of people and cultures, and other people are able to view my blogs n can express their comments.

Where Is A Good Resource On The Web For Information On Starting A Portrait Photography Studio?


Where is a good resource on the web for information on starting a portrait photography studio? Something that explains what kind of equipment is used, the different positions needed in the studio to run it, how to attract clients and so on. Websites and/or books would be useful, but if there is a good website out there I’d like to find it.

Does Anyone Know Of A Good Blog Or Website That Keeps Track Of Amazon Deals?


I am looking for a blog or website the updates (at least daily) the deals and price drops on Amazon. Right now I am following “hip2save” and although I like it and it has some good coupon tips it’s selective with Amazon. I’m looking for a site that has a good size Amazon following. ANY tips on blogs or websites would be great- Thanks!

Other Than Blogger What Are Good Blog Sites Teens Can Use?


I want to create a blog that has a creative layout like what you find on MySpace, but with more traffic. I’m not a fan of the Blogger site.
Any suggestions?

What Is A Good Site To Get Good Myspace Blog Layouts?


i need a layout to put on my blog on myspace so that my blog won’t be so plain.

What Would Be A Good Name For A Blog On Pregnancy?


I want to start a blog. Just for my friends and family, so I don’t have to call everyone ever time something happens. I just found out I am pregnant, and I dont want to have to send pictures to 50 million different people. (you know what i mean.)
so any sujestions on funny, creative pregnancy blog names?

What Is A Good Conservative Blog, Podcast, Website, Etc That Speaks Of Nothing Of Facts?


I keep trying to find a good blog (I prefer an online text I can read) but each is just a satirical rant that simply puts down the opposing view rather than logically disproving It. Any good links or recommendations? I’m open to anything at all.

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