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Any Good Ideas For Iranian Protesters I Can Give On Twitter?


A lot of people are giving advice to the struggling Iranian populist on Twitter on how to deal with the Security Forces. Any ideas?

What Do You Think Of Using Pr Web To Give Exposure To A New Online Baby Boutique?


I have been told that Network Solutions and some PR agents use PR web as a way to introduce/advertise new online businesses. I have a baby boutique, and I was wondering if this would be an effective way to increase my Search Engine ranking and draw more attention to my site. I do not have alot of money to spend on advertising, and I am told that you get alot of “bang for your buck”. They offer 3 different packages, one for $80, which is basic, one for $120, which gets you more, but I am not sure if it is worth it, and then finally one for $200, that is supposed to be the ultimate. You can also pay an extra $10 to have your press release moved to the top of the page when it is published, so people see yours first. What do you think? I am looking for ways to get more exposure to my site? Supposedly PR Web is the best there is?

Do You Know Any Web Site That Can Give Me Good Frames For My Painting?


I’m after a web site that has picture of nice frames, i’m not looking for classic styles, can you please help?

Facebook – How Many Different Ways Are There To Join A Group? Please Give Details As Its Very Important?


I really need to know how many ways there are too join a group and how you actually do it. Its important because a friend of mine has a disciplinary at work tomorrow with regards to stuff that has been put on facebook. All help is much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.