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How Do You Get Rid Of The Twitter “getting Started” Messages?


I was connected to twitter and i didn’t really used it and i decided to cancel my account, but now i get theses “getting started” messages from other people.

What Are The Consequences Of Pretending To Be Someone Else On Facebook And Getting Caught?


My friend and I made a facebook account for my drivers ed teacher as a joke. but he got caught doing something illegal and got arrested. now i got an email saying that they know that it was me and my friend. What is going to happen?

When Tagging Photos On Facebook Why Does It Start Getting Slower And Slower?


When I’m tagging an album, after a few pictures worth, Facebook starts getting slower and slower, until it is just at a crawl and I have to refresh. The names saved at the top of the tagging list also refresh though, so I have to start typing them in again instead of just clicking them from the top, so annoying!

How Come I’m Getting Some Of The Updates To My Phone From Twitter But Not Others?


i get some twitter updates sent to my phone,so i got one from demi lovato and later on when i went on her twitter on the internet, there were many more than the one i got sent to my phone?

How Is Private Data About My Contacts Getting Send To Facebook?


How can I receive ‘friend suggestions’ from Facebook about people who are in my private contacts list, how they get that information ?

What Is The Web Site That Helps People In The Process Of Getting A Loan Modification?


I keep hearing of a web site that is a goverment run program that helps people modify their loans. I’m going through my bank but it seems that it’s taking longer than they say and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to go through this other path. Your thoughts?

Why When Tagging Photos On Facebook Does It Start Getting Slower And Slower?


When I’m tagging pictures that I have uploaded, after a few pictures worth, Facebook starts gettin slower and slower, until it is just at a crawl and I have to reload.
Is it just mine and why does it keep doing this? Its really annoying and makes me wanna not tag pictures, but thats the whole point of Facebook!?
My browser is Firefox.

How Can I Use Facebook To Advertise My Website Without Getting Banned?


I am trying to promote my website (won’t do it here!) and made a facebook account that I used to post on the walls of a couple dozen groups that were about the same video game that my website is about. Facebook banned me for violating the terms of service.
How can I advertise on facebook without getting banned again?