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How Do I Update My Facebook Group Status Posts From Twitter?


I have a facebook group for my band and I would like to be able to update this through my twitter account? I know they have applications like “selective twitter” that let you do this for a regular facebook account, but does anyone know how to do it for a group you moderate?

How To Make A Blog And Get A Money From Create Blog,anyone Help..?


Can u describe a step to create a blog and activated it ?
Can u describe how to ensure money come to my blog ?
Can u describe how to register my blog ?
Can u describe what topic almost people looking for to ensure a lot of people come to my blog ?
Any experience people please help me..
Thanks before for your kindness and attention.
I need to create my blog to pay for my mom and my family ( they need help in financial ).Thx

Are You Billed For Roaming When Using Twitter From Other Countries?


I live in the Philippines, and I just started using this twitter SMS-ing thing a few hours ago. I dont want to go too trigger-happy yet seeing as I don’t know what exactly it will cost me. It says standard rates apply, but thats for USA. What I’m trying to say is, will being in a country outside of the US cost me more?

How Do You Upload Pictures From An Env Touch To Your Facebook?


I just got the enV touch from Verizon, and I want to upload my pictures to facebook. I couldn’t figure out how to do it from facebook mobile on the phone, and I don’t know if there are any other ways to do that.
Thanks so much!

What’s A Cool Teen Blog That Different From All The Other One?


I wanna blog but I don’t wanna use blogger, blogspot, myspace blog, facebook notes, live journal, rotten tomatoes, or any of those. I want a cool blog that appeals to teens and has cool layouts and stuff. But also, I want it to be private. Kinda like an online diary but not one of those retarded blogger type ones. Help? :]

How Do I Get The Html Code From A Logo To Place On My Blog?


There is a site that would like me to put their logo on to my blog. How do I get the html code for the logo so it links to their page?

Can You Update A WordPress Blog From Any Computer?


I want to get into blogging, and I hear WordPress is the better way to go. However, I see that you have to download software from WordPress to create a blog with them. My question is, after you have the blog up and running, can you update the blog from any internet-connected computer or do you have to do it from a computer running the software?

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How Do I Share A Blog Post From Blogger On Facebook If There’s No Icon?


I found this great blog post on Blogger and I want to share it on Facebook, but the little icon is gone. I shared a post from this blog a few days ago and the icon was there, but now it’s not. This blog post is older, so I don’t know if that is making the difference or not. Is there another way to share it without having to copy and paste the link?

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How Do You Download Brushes From The Web To Photoshop?


I have photoshop elements 7 and i dont know how to get the brushes i’ve downloaded from the web to my brushes file. Any help?

Will You Get Charged For Receiving And Sending Twitter Updates From Your Phone?


I was planning on registering my phone for that Twitter updates thing, but I wanna know if I’ll get charged for that… it said that Twitter does not charge for it, but Standard Rates apply, but I have unlimited texting, so will I get charged extra for that? Oh, and I’m with Telus mobility.