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What Web Site Shows Free Overseas Markets Quotes?


I’d like to follow overseas markets (FTSE, CAC, etc.) before the US markets open. Is there a web site that has major international indexes listed for free?

What Web Site Can I Use To Find Someone For Absolutely Free Without Having To Pay A Fee?


My fiance is trying to find her sons father because her son needs some medical history from his father.I have tried finding him in CT.but we don’t have the money to pay for the web sites that require a fee.His name is James Alfred Morgan,age 40 years and his birthdate is 08-07-1967.He was living in Danielson,CT. but we are not for sure.

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How To Attract People To Web Page Free?


I have a web page on one of web sites, and I need as many people to visit it as possible, so this web site’s rating for my page will go up. How could I do it for free?

How Can I Set Up A Free Blog Site Of My Own?


Hi! I am wanting to set up a blog website about my Purse Party business. Does anyone know of a site that will let you do it for free that is easily located by other people? I’m wanting to do this to market my business.

Who Could Recommend Me A Free Blog Hosting That Reachs My Requests?


1.Be in English
2.I can design my blog on it using html code and css code.
3.I can arrive at there immediately.

How Do I Get My Blog Listed In Search Engines Like Google, Lycos, Or Yahoo For Free?


I made a blog (you can view it in my profile) and I read that I should get it listed in search engines. I’m new at this, sorry. Can someone explain how I can get listed. Not just those but as many as I can, for free please.

What Is The Business Logic Driving Free Web Services Such As Twitter?


With millions already invested in Twitter, and no profit to date, and I don’t know of any existing revenue stream, what is their business logic? Why would venture capital flow toward Twitter, instead of away from it? This question applies to other free web start ups as well. Any insight into the long term strategy or viability of these free web sites is appreciated.

How Do I Setup A Free Web Server On My Pc Using Dyndns Service?


I have created an account, registered a free domain and i believe that all left to do is to link a file or directory to the service, so as to get a web page as result when typing the address on a browser. Do i need software to do this? If yes where would i find it? Am i going the right direction?

Is Using Twitter On Your Cell Phone Free?


I have a twitter account and I want to use on my cell phone. I have unlimited texting but I don’t have internet on my phone. Does twitter require that you have internet on your phone?

What Is A Good Web Site To Get Free Cool Web Designs For Your Own Personal Site?


My teacher assigned us to make our own web site. In your opinion, what is the best place to get free web hosting? I really want a cool website, any suggestions are welcome. If you know how, please include short easy instructions on how to put music and backgrounds on the site. Anything will be greatly appreciated.