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How Do I Stop Random People From Following Me On Twitter?


I keep getting total randoms/strangers following me on Twitter. How do I stop this from happening?
I know that I can just block everyone who tries to follow me, but I’m just too lazy. Is there an easy way to stop randoms from following me?

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How Do You Show Who You Are Following On Twitter?


On my Twitter it doesn’t show the little thumbnails of who I am following, how do I make it show them?

How Do You Recieve Updates On Your Phone From Tweets From A Person You Are Following On Twitter?


Im following David archuleta and i want to be able to see tweets he post on twitter directly to my phone right when he posts them on twitter. How are you able to get those tweets sent directly to your phone?

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How Will I Know Im Following The Original Celebrity On Twitter Or Facebook ?


How will i know im following the original celebrity on Twitter or Facebook and not just a wannabe ? Thanks in advance

How Come So Many People Are Following Me On Twitter?


I just joined twitter a few days ago. I posted a few messages (tweets?), nothing fancy. And yet i have people following me like herds – about 10 an hour. Does that make sense? How did all of them find me? What’s in it for them?

How Do I Block People From Following Me On Twitter?


How do I block people from following me on twitter? I know twitter is new but if your a user then do you know the answer to this?

How Can You Tell If Someone Has Stopped Following You On Twitter?


Do you get an email? Or is there some way you can go to the Twitter site & check there?