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How Can I Get Adam Lambert To Follow Me On Twitter?


I love Adam Lambert! I’ve met him and I want to ask him some questions because he has Twitter parties often where he answers fans’ questions. But I think I need him to follow me in order to send messages to him, right? So how do I get someone as famous as Adam to follow me on Twitter? Got any ideas? Thanks!

How Do You Get People To Follow You On Twitter?


How do you get people to follow you on Twitter?
I am a new member of Twitter and only have a few people following me. I need a lot more.

What Celebrities Do You Follow On Twitter?


Q2: Has a celebrity ever responded to you on twitter?

How Do I Send People I Follow A Message On Twitter?


I cant seem to figure out how to send messages on Twitter to people I follow. Also when I try to set up my phone for text messages it tells me at this time they dont service my phone type. I have Sprint is there a way to set it up thru my phone?

How To Find Out Whom Did I First Follow On Twitter?


I have been using twitter for some time and I follow many people. How Can I find whom did I first follow on twitter?

How To Contact Someone You Follow On Twitter?


I have an idea how to do it but I don’t think I’m right.
I just tried to write on Eddy Curry’s Twitter page and typed this under “What are you doing” on the front page
“@eddycurry How those doughnuts treatin ya?”
His twitter name is eddycurry so is that right even though I don’t see it under his page and on mine?

How Do You Get People To Follow You On Twitter When You Have No Friends?


I started a twitter because I am a singer, songwriter,…. I have about 7 people following me. It looks kind of silly posting tweets when you really do not have any one to read them.
I use twitter to post info about my music and to jot down very interesting thoughts and quotes, so that I don’t forget them.
How do I get people to follow me?

How Do I Get More People To Follow Me On Twitter?


I have a political forum that I started a twitter for so we can get more members of the forum.
How do I recruit/get people to have interest?

Who Do You Recommend I Follow On Twitter In Order To Score Lots Of Free Stuff?


I recently joined Twitter, and while frankly I could give a damn what my friends are doing every two minutes, I do know that lots of companies send our little promotional tweets. Sprinkles cupcakes regularly sends out tweets saying that if you come in and say a certain word, you get a free cupcake. Who else does stuff like that?