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Frequently Asked Q: Teaching, Learning and Web 2.0


Teaching, Learning and Web 2.0 . Some nice slides … Learning, teaching & Web 2.0 : Finding a comfortable fit

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Frequently Asked Q: Teaching, Learning and Web 2.0

Does Hiding Your Myspace Of Facebook Profile Prevent Others From Finding It In A Search Engine?


I recently googled myself and found some online things that I don’t neccesarily want shared, in the process I noticed neither my Facebook nor Myspace came up.
Could it be that making your page private on myspace and only allowing only your networks on Facebook to see your page hide it from becoming available in search engines?

How Do You Unblock Facebook And Youtube At Work Without Anyone Finding Out?


My job recently installed a firewall that blocks facebook and youtube, how do I unblock it without setting off any red flags.

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