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How Can I Find Out How Much A Text Link Goes For On My Blog Or Website?


If you have a blog or a website and sell text links from it, how can I find out how much money a text link from it’s worth?Can anyone please help me out here?

What Web Site Can I Use To Find Someone For Absolutely Free Without Having To Pay A Fee?


My fiance is trying to find her sons father because her son needs some medical history from his father.I have tried finding him in CT.but we don’t have the money to pay for the web sites that require a fee.His name is James Alfred Morgan,age 40 years and his birthdate is 08-07-1967.He was living in Danielson,CT. but we are not for sure.

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How Do You Find Out If Someone Has Linked Your Blog To Theirs?


You know what I mean? Like, someone putting a link to your blog in their sidebar or somewhere on their blog page? Is there a free service for monitoring that, or can you monitor that?

How Can I Find Out How Many Twitter Users There Are In Birmingham, Uk?


I need to find out roughly how many twitter users there are in Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Either from a website or from wherever you can find, but proof will be needed.

Where Can I Find A Hit Counter For My Blog That Wont Count My Own Hits But Only Outside Hits?


I noticed that my hit counter is counting the times I go to view my own blog and I’m hoping that someone can tell me of a counter that will not count the times I go to my blog but only others. Thanks!

Someone Has Created A Slanderous Blog. Any Websites I Can Go To To Find Out How To Hack The Blog?


The blog is hosted by blogger. Would like to know how to shut down the blog or probably gain full administrator access. Help is very much appreciated as terrible things are said that would cause much animosity between groups of people and immediate intervention is needed.

Will Facebook Send A Request To The Contacts Found When I Enter My Email To Find People?


Just wondering if all the contacts will just show up, or if Facebook will automatically send a friend request to them all. Thank you for the help.

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How Do I Register My Blog So That Search Engines Find It?


I want Yahoo and Google to find my blog when my name is entered in quotes.

Can People Find My Twitter Account If They Know My Email Address? Can I Prevent This?


I have a Twitter account using an old email address that I don’t really want people I knew from ages ago stumbling across. Is there way a to change my settings so that I’m not searchable by email address?

How Can You Find Out Who Blocked You On Facebook?


I think the odd person may have blocked me on facebook. But its weird. They are on my msn, but not on my facebook. Would it mean that they just don’t have facebook anymore? Or is it something else?