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What Are Your Favorite Herb And Vegetable Garden Web Sites?


I live and garden in the desert Southwest. I’ve learned how to garden around killer hot summers and super alkaline soil. So, far the places I visit most are the Garden Web Arizona forum and the University of Arizona agricultural sites. What about you? Where do you learn about growing herbs and veggies?

What Would You Want Your Favorite Musician/band To Blog About?


So, if you’re favorite musician or band had a regular Blog, what kinds of things would you want them to write about? What would keep you coming back to their blog?

What Is Your Favorite Celebrity Gossip Blog?


What do you like about it? Please put a link to the blog in your answer.

What Is Your Favorite Kind Of Blog To Read?


I’m deciding what to write my blog on…
My hobbies are music, books, politics, and fashion. Should I write a blog on just one of those, or all?
Thanks for your advice.

What Is The Best/your Favorite Free Blog, And Any Advice To A First Time Blogger?


I’m planning on starting a blog, and am looking at a few sites for it. I’m curious what the better ones you think are, and what your favorite ones are. Also, any tips would be great. Thanks.

What Is Your Favorite Web Site On The Net For Employment Searches ?


There use to be a web site for doing nationwide job searches by the name of America’s Job Bank.
This web site was shut down last year . It was the best site I have ever come across and I have yet to find one that matches it.. I live in a small town area and the large Job sites don’t offer to many listings for these type area’s . Can you give some Ideas of some good sites out there or any that are comparable to America’s Job Bank.. Thanks and God bless !