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Will Facebook Send A Request To The Contacts Found When I Enter My Email To Find People?


Just wondering if all the contacts will just show up, or if Facebook will automatically send a friend request to them all. Thank you for the help.

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Can People Find My Twitter Account If They Know My Email Address? Can I Prevent This?


I have a Twitter account using an old email address that I don’t really want people I knew from ages ago stumbling across. Is there way a to change my settings so that I’m not searchable by email address?

How A Web Link In The Email Can Click Itself Automatically?


I want to send an email with a web link to a friend. I want the web link to click itself (open itself) automatically without my friend clicking it. Does anyone know how to do this?

A Web Site Based Around Automatic Email Updates Of Flight Prices?


I was told of a web site that is based around monitoring the prices of available flights for a user, who just gives the site their email address and destinations they are interested in flying to (and a preferred price?), then as the web site monitors different company’s flight prices, it automatically emails the user with information about this available and cheap flight.
The problem is though, that I don’t know what the web address is, or any part of the site’s name. So does anyone know this web site?
It sounded like an independent web site, not an airline’s site.

How Can I Reactive My Twitter Account If I Forgot What Email Address I Have Registered It With?


I did try to contact Twitter but there is no response despite of my multiple attempts. Thank you!

How Many People Can You Invite On Twitter Through Email At One Time?


I want to invite my philosophy class to follow me on twitter, but there are about 100 emails. I don’t want to put all 100 emails, but Twitter not invite them all. Because Twitter will sometimes say that everything is fine but not invite everyone.

Do You Have More Than One Email Account And Facebook And Myspace And Twitter?


How could you be convinced to use a website that allows you to view and control all your email accounts, myspace, facebook and twitter from one place? Do you like this idea? Why?

How Do I Stop Myspace/facebook From Displaying My Email Whenever I Click On The Email Box?


How do I stop Myspace and Facebook From showing my email whenever I click on the email box? I don’t like it like this.

How Can I Get Twitter To Tell Me When I Get A New Email?


I already use twhirl for twitter updates, so is there a way I can get email notifications on my gmail account through a new twitter account?

How To Get A New Confirmation Email From Facebook?


I recently opened a facebook account and I must have deleted some confirmation email from facebook. Now my account exists but I can’t log in because it is asking me for the confirmation code or something an I don’t have it. What way I can get a new one so I activate my account properly?