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How Long Does A Facebook Account Stay Active For If You Do Not Log In?


I currently have no access to facebook and am unlikely to for a few months. If I do not log in for over 5 months will my account still be there, or will it be suspended, or will it be completely deleted? I can’t even check the facebook site for info as it is blocked here. Thank you!

Does Any Know Anything About The Twitter Money Making Program?


I was looking at an email I received this morning from the twitter money making program. I’ve done google searches on this and come up with nothing. Has anyone tried this or is still trying this and are they happy? I have 2 home businesses so I don’t need links to other home businesses. Just an answers to my question.
Thank you.

How Does One Ensure That A Downloaded Web Page Will Be Printed To The End Of All Lines?


Using XP Home SP2 with HP 3100 printer. Most web pages print with loss of end of line words or parts of words. A real pain and waste.

Does Anyone Know Of A Good Blog Or Website That Keeps Track Of Amazon Deals?


I am looking for a blog or website the updates (at least daily) the deals and price drops on Amazon. Right now I am following “hip2save” and although I like it and it has some good coupon tips it’s selective with Amazon. I’m looking for a site that has a good size Amazon following. ANY tips on blogs or websites would be great- Thanks!

What Is The Point Of Twitter And How Does It Work?


My friends are trying to get me to use Twitter more often than I am.
What is the point of it?
How do I fully utilize it?

Does Anyone Know And Awesome Website Where You Can Make A Decorative Blog For Others To Read?


Hi, I love to write and I was wondering if anyone knows of a website for bloggers where they can make a blog, that they can decorate and let others read. I am not talking about just the text. Most blogging websites only let you post pictures, videos, and whatever. I am talking about actual like scrapbooking collage, and sticker decorating. Thank you….

How Long Will A Facebook Profile Last If User Does Not Log In Ever Again?


My friend tragically died just wondered how long her profile would remain on Facebook if she never was to log in again? It’s nice to leave a message every now and again..

Does Sending A Pic To Your Twitter Charge Your Cell Phone Plan?


I have a black berry curve. I was wondering if, uploading pictures charged more for that? I really hope not. I did not read anything about charging for uploading pics to twitter. Thanks for your help.

When Tagging Photos On Facebook Why Does It Start Getting Slower And Slower?


When I’m tagging an album, after a few pictures worth, Facebook starts getting slower and slower, until it is just at a crawl and I have to refresh. The names saved at the top of the tagging list also refresh though, so I have to start typing them in again instead of just clicking them from the top, so annoying!

How Does Selling A Facebook Application Work?


I had an offer to buy my facebook application today and i need to no asap how it all works! I know how much its worth but i don’t know how i conduct the business deal… someone please explain so i do this right!!!