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What’s A Cool Teen Blog That Different From All The Other One?


I wanna blog but I don’t wanna use blogger, blogspot, myspace blog, facebook notes, live journal, rotten tomatoes, or any of those. I want a cool blog that appeals to teens and has cool layouts and stuff. But also, I want it to be private. Kinda like an online diary but not one of those retarded blogger type ones. Help? :]

How Do I Get Part Of My Facebook Name In A Different Language?


How could I insert different font (ex. Tamil, Chinese) into my facebook name? I’ve seen people with it and just curious as to how it is done.

I Write Recipes. Can I Use Same Recipes And Submit Them In Different Blog Site?


Say, I recently signed up in e-how and wanted to write how to make Chinese food. But I want to use the same recipe in my own blog. Is this okay?

How Can I Use Different Symbols To Create A Twitter Username?


When I finally decided to make a Twitter account, I thought that it would be cool to add some spice to my username …… flÿîñgpåt. However, Twitter has a filter for these characters. Is there any way to get past that filter? How?

What Is The Twitter Software? And How Is It Different From Normal Instant Messengers?


What is the twitter software? and how is it different from normal instant messengers?

How Do I Make My Blog Different Languages?


Is there a way to make your blog in different languages as well?

Can I Install A Different WordPress Theme To A WordPress Hosted Blog?


I would like to start a free WordPress blog on the WordPress site (not my own domain) but I don’t like the themes they provide. Can I use a downloaded theme on there? I have seen some WordPress hosted blogs with different themes, so it looks like it’s possible.

How Can I Show The Latest Article Of My Blogger Blog On A Different Site´s Home Page?


Hi I am trying to preview articles from blogger on a separate site, where the most recent article would show up and could link to the blog itself. I have googled enough and read about rss. I can code html, xml etc. I would really appreciate any help

How To Get My Blog To Show Up Under A Different Countrys Search?


Hi, I’m in New Zealand & I’ve just signed up for a blogspot. I want my blog to show up in a google search when the ‘nz seach’ box is ticked, but because blogspot is a US based website I presume it wouldn’t show up as a New Zealand site. Is there anything I can do to change this? Any other suggestions? Thanks 🙂

Facebook – How Many Different Ways Are There To Join A Group? Please Give Details As Its Very Important?


I really need to know how many ways there are too join a group and how you actually do it. Its important because a friend of mine has a disciplinary at work tomorrow with regards to stuff that has been put on facebook. All help is much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.