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How Do You Permanently Delete A Blogger Blog?


Blogs I have deleted are still listed on my dashboard and I am given the option to “undelete” them. According to blogger help, “If your blog is on your own server, its files will not be deleted. You can FTP in and delete them manually.” That’s the only explanation I could find but I do not host them on my server, I use the blogspot server!

How Do I Delete Facebook Account Without Deleting My Fan Page?


Facebook isn’t very helpful with this, so here I am. I made a fan page for myself and now I want to delete my personal facebook page without deleting the fan page. Is this possible? What would be an alternative router besides this?

How Do You Delete A Twitter Acount?


I made a twitter acount and i desperately need to delete it how do I?

How To Delete A Networked Blog In Facebook ?


I got two networked blog setting of a single blog in facebook. I want to delete of them. Is there any way to delete only one networked blog keeping the another as it is ?

How Do You Delete A Picture From Twitter?


I posted a picture to my twitter account on twitpic and I want to delete it from twitter

How Do You Delete Replies On Twitter?


I have a blog on twitter and a lot of followers on there as well. A lot of people post replies to my tweets whenever I post one. I was wondering how do I delete a reply someone posts to my blog?

How Do I Delete The Ribbon Thing On My Pic On Twitter?


I have one of those ribbons that is on my pic on twitter and i want to delete it but don’t remember how? Im still new to twitter and learning so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

How Can I Delete My Web Browsing History From The Server At Work?


I have obtained full administrator rights, but need to know where to go to delete the logs. I have been on the web a bit too much in the last few months (instead of working) and don’t want to get in trouble. We are running Server 2003. Thanks!

How Can I Delete And Start Over With A Facebook Organization Page?


It’s OK that I can’t delete my Facebook profile account. But using that account, I then created an organization page for my company. Now I can’t figure out how to delete my original test entry — or to delete the entire page so I can start over. Can anyone help me?

How Can I Delete Specific Widgets In A Themed WordPress Blog?


My mom has a blog but she wants to delete some widgets but doesn’t know how and idk how to help her. Help?