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Transforming Telecommunications with Web 2.0 (Oracle's MySQL Blog)


Whether they are looking to deploy new Web /Telco 2.0 applications to mobile Internet users or consolidating subscriber data within the network to support greater service personalization and targeted communications, the database plays a …

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Transforming Telecommunications with Web 2.0 (Oracle's MySQL Blog)

How To Manage The Database Thru Web Hosting Service? How To Check The Number Of Users A Web Site Can Handle?


We intend to collect the data thru a website. We choose to go with one of the web hosting service for this purpose. I want to check if there is any check list that will ensure the perfect management of our web based database.
The other question is, How many number of parallel user can use the web site (in general) and how do I know the number of users that can be hanled by my website.

How Can I Learn Web Database Programming?


I am very interested in incorporating databases into web design, which I understand is possible with PHP or MySQL. I am planning to learn about these languages, but wondering if there are additional studies in more traditional languages that I need to do first. I have worked a lot with HTML in the past, and also studied Pascal, Visual Basic, and C++ (the latter two for a year in college each).
Any ideas for what I should brush up on before taking the plunge into the new(ish) languages?

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How Do I Make A Web Form That Saves Information To A Database?


So I want to make a web form (on a website) that users can fill out with some simple information. Once they fill it out, I want the information to be saved to a MySQL database (or something similar). I also want to be able to call this information back on a seperate web page. How would I go about doing this? I’m not big on programming, so it would be really helpful for me if you could link me to a tool I can use.