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Who Could Recommend Me A Free Blog Hosting That Reachs My Requests?


1.Be in English
2.I can design my blog on it using html code and css code.
3.I can arrive at there immediately.

Is Anybody Involved With A Web Based Writers Workshop That They Could Recommend?


I’m in search of a workshop to share and critique writing with passionate writers. I am new to computers and the web, and need directions. Got any?

How Could Someone Be Accessing My Facebook And Myspace Accounts?


Someone is getting into my facebook and myspace accounts and blocking people and erasing messages. This is a personal vendetta and not a typical interent hacker… I’ve changed pwords and emails on file with both accounts. What else could I do?

What Are So Interesting Things A Teen Could Blog About?


I’ve never blogged before but since school is out, I think I want to try. What are some good things a 17 yr old could blog about?

How Could A Neighborhood Use Twitter For Crime/safety Alerts And Prevention?


Looking for specific examples on how neighbors could use a service like Twitter to improve safety/security? For example, send a Tweet if a suspicious person is spotted along with location, etc. Other examples?