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How To Contact Someone You Follow On Twitter?


I have an idea how to do it but I don’t think I’m right.
I just tried to write on Eddy Curry’s Twitter page and typed this under “What are you doing” on the front page
“@eddycurry How those doughnuts treatin ya?”
His twitter name is eddycurry so is that right even though I don’t see it under his page and on mine?

How To Make A Personal Web Page For Faciltating Others To Contact?


I am chemical engineer and want to have my own web page to provide consultancy in my field.

How Many Of You Have Accidentally Invited Someone To Facebook From Your Yahoo Contact List?


My ex just signed up for facebook a few days ago. I received a generic email invite asking me to start a facebook page (I don’t have one). I am trying to figure out whether he realizes he invited me or not. He most likely used the contact imports with Yahoo.
How many of you have accidently invited someone to Facebook- how does it work? Or is it set up so that you have control over who gets an invitation?

How Can I Contact Facebook To Delete My Hacked Account?


hi,my facebook,myspace AND yahoo email were hacked in the last two days and someone changed all the passwords. They completely deleted my myspace, and changed my email password,but my facebook is still running,just a changed password. Does anyone know if there is ANY WAY i can contact facebook to delete my account.
Thanks so much!

If I Start A Blog With Google Or Yahoo Will Advertisers Contact Me?


Or will I have to contact them? How to companies find which blogs they want to advertise on? Which is the best blog provider to choose?