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How Do People On The New Freewebs Blog Suppose To Leave Comments?


I am making a new Freewebs site and how do i set it the new blog so people can leave comments on it

Is There A Site Where I Can Create A Serious Blog And Get Comments?


I have always wanted to do a blog where i can share my thoughts with people and where they can share their opinions too. I have no particular subject i want to talk about just random things.
Do you have any idea where i can go? Thanks.

How Do I Approve My Myspace Blog Comments?


I just created my first blog and set it to only be viewed by my friends. Two of my friends have left a comment and told me it said it had to be approved by me.
Where do I go to approve blog comments??

How To Create A Blog At Blogspot Without The Date At Both The Topics And At Comments ?


Hey Guys ! Help me out here . I am going to create a new blog , but i dont want ppl to know I have just made it .
So I dont want the dates to appear . Can anyone help me out here ?
Something to do with Feed Burner ?

How Do I Put The Blog Comment Approval On My Myspace To Approve Blog Comments Before Posting Them?


i want to put the blog comment approval on my myspace, but i cant figure out how to do it. some one please help.