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Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom: QR Huh? What The …


In a nutshell, you need a device that has a camera so you can scan or take a picture of the code, a program to do the decoding and web access to see where the code takes you.

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Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom: QR Huh? What The …

How Do I Get The Html Code From A Logo To Place On My Blog?


There is a site that would like me to put their logo on to my blog. How do I get the html code for the logo so it links to their page?

How To Develope Web Applications In Regional Language With Google Code ?


I am new to computer programming, I am interested to making web applications in tamil language. I am choosing GOOGLE CODE as resource. Please anyone help to me.. Tell me about the video tutorials and documentation and the thing that is need to develop web apps..

How Can I Put The Code Of A Div Layout On My Blog For Others To Use?


i have a layout site, and im not that new to this stuff, but im not a pro.
i made some div layouts and i wanted to put them on my blog but when ever i put the code in a scroll box it changes the background of the blog and disappears from the box.
i was wondering how i can get the code to stay with out it changing my blog.
if you want to see what i have so far just ask ill write the website

How To Enter A Layout Code In A Myspace Blog?


I’m trying to enter a myspace layout code into a myspace blog, but the code doesn’t show up.
The blog is supposed to be like this:
(image of the layout)
this is the code:
the code
When I enter it, the code doesn’t show up.
What do I have to do for the code to be visible?

What Is The Best Web Building Program Without Knowing The Code?


What is the best web building program without knowing the code?
I’ve tried Web Easy Professional, WYCIWYG 5.0, Web Studio 4.0, joomla and some other, but they all are missing some features, like drop-down menu or you cannot stratch the page depending on the screen size and some others.

How Can I Get My Widgetbucks Code On My WordPress Blog?


Every time i try to put the code in either my post or my text widget it just comes up blank, it won’t show anything. Now widgetbucks say that you can post the code on your wordpress blog. However i am having issues doing so. Can someone please helpme and/or give me some tips.

What Is A Code That Will Center My Blog Titles On My Profile?


(MySpace) I mean the 5 titles you can actually see on the profile, not in the actual blog.
I’ve been looking for a code to center these FOREVER and have found nothing. If you know of one please tell me! Thank you!