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Does Sending A Pic To Your Twitter Charge Your Cell Phone Plan?


I have a black berry curve. I was wondering if, uploading pictures charged more for that? I really hope not. I did not read anything about charging for uploading pics to twitter. Thanks for your help.

How Much To Charge For Banner Ad Space On Blog?


I would like to start selling banner ad space on my blog. I get between 2,000 and 3,000 page loads/month. I was thinking 125 x 125 pixel ads on the side bar. What would be a good base for pricing these?

How Can I Determine A Rate To Charge For Advertisments On My Blog?


I just started running a blog about my local community, events, concerts, etc.
I am new to this, but the blog is starting to get some decent hits and I was hoping that maybe in the future I can look into getting local business’ to advertise on the blog.
Is there a way to determine the “going rate” I should charge for an ad based on the number of hits, the size of the ad, or something similar?
Just really need a starting point so I don’t look foolish when I start going to local business’.

What Is A Good Fee To Charge A Company To Place A Link On My Blog?


I have a company that is interested in placing a small text link on my blog. My blog relates to debt, credit, making money. The company is a credit card company that compares different types of credit cards. I already have adsense and have not made much with that, so I am considering coming up with terms to allow this company to advertise on my site.
What would be an appropriate amount to charge this company? I receive between 1500-2000 hits per month.

How Much Should I Charge Someone For Ad On My Blog?


I received an inquiry from a company that found my blog and thought it would be a good choice for the placement of an ad for one of their clients (a website).
I have not updated this blog in over five years.
Any thoughts about how to turn this into a mutually beneficial venture? I am uncertain about how much to charge. They are currently waiting to see how much I propose they pay.
I am prepared to update the blog before posting their ad in order to increase hits the day they monitor.

What Is A Competitive/fair Price To Charge For Blog Advertisements?


I am starting to monetize my blog and I would like to know what some competitive rates are. I will put up simple banner ads. I have 500 unique visitors that visit my energy blog a week.

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