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How Do People Get There Letters A Certain Color In There Blog?


Mine are just black and white. I have custom themed it. Other people have like pink and blue ones how do they do that?(they are not “coloring there blog entries because all of the blog letters are like that)

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With The New Facebook Is There A Certain Area On The Home Page That Shows Your Friends Birthdays?


On the old facebook homepage it was on the right side, it had the dates coming up and the frinds that had the birthday on that day?
I dont see it with the new facebook. Is there an area still, or is it gone?

How Do I Limit Web Access To Just Certain Web Sites And Block All Others?


I have a business and all of my employees use gmail and the Google calendar. I would like to block all access to web pages accept for those located in Google and a few other select sites. We primarily use firefox but internet explorer is still available. Ive seen programs and methods for blocking individual sites but haven’t been able to find out how to block everything but a few sites.