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Bloggers Question- How Can My Articles Automatically Posted To My Blog On The Given Date?


I want that my articles get automatically posted to my blogspot blog on particular date without my interference. Please explain how can i do it?

What Is A Website What Allows For Multiple Bloggers To Blog?


I just finished my freshman year and I want to remember it on a type of online yearbook. I want multiple people to post pictures/quotes/stories/memories.
We all have facebook but I want to use something different and more specific.
Is there any such blog/website?

What Is The Best Web Hosting For Bloggers Right Now?


I want to start my own sports blog, and I need web hosting to do it. What is the best web hosting out there now? Are there any web hosts where you can preorder web hosting for someone else as a gift, or where you can buy a web hosting gift card? I might want web hosting for Christmas if it’s possible to do.