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How Do You Permanently Delete A Blogger Blog?


Blogs I have deleted are still listed on my dashboard and I am given the option to “undelete” them. According to blogger help, “If your blog is on your own server, its files will not be deleted. You can FTP in and delete them manually.” That’s the only explanation I could find but I do not host them on my server, I use the blogspot server!

How Do I Share A Blog Post From Blogger On Facebook If There’s No Icon?


I found this great blog post on Blogger and I want to share it on Facebook, but the little icon is gone. I shared a post from this blog a few days ago and the icon was there, but now it’s not. This blog post is older, so I don’t know if that is making the difference or not. Is there another way to share it without having to copy and paste the link?

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Other Than Blogger What Are Good Blog Sites Teens Can Use?


I want to create a blog that has a creative layout like what you find on MySpace, but with more traffic. I’m not a fan of the Blogger site.
Any suggestions?

Is There A Way To Automatically Import Your Blogger Blog To Your Myspace Blog?


Every time I update my blogger blog, I’d like myspace to automatically detect and insert that update. Facebook can do that. Can myspace?

How Do I Post A Song On A Blogger Blog Post?


I am a singer/songwriter and I post up a song on my blog post once a week. Well, I post up a song on another place and then link to it because I cannot find how to post up a single, non-auto play song on a blog post. Please, please help!

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How Do You Add A Background To Your Blog With Blogger?


I’ve seen a lot of blogs and they have all these backgrounds with their own templates. I’m wondering how to create your own template and add it ro your blog? because like There isnt a way to upload your own image to your blog and set it as your background and its just so frustrating. Plz help!

How Do You Only Allow Friends And Relatives To View Your Blog In Blogger?


I need a blog to go to just family. How do i?

How Do You Add Pages To Blogger Blog?


I have a blogger blog and I’m wanting to add additional pages to the blog. Such as
Contact me
About me
I’m not sure how to do it. Its so much easier using wordpress but,I don’t understand wordpress very much blogger is much easier to use.

How To Tell If People Read, Viewed Or Visited Your Blog In Blogger?


How can you tell how many people read your blog in Blogger? I’ve seen counters on ebay and such, is this what I have to get? If so, what/where are the best counters that are free?

How Can I Add A Hit Counter To My Blogger Blog?


How can I add a hit counter to my blogger blog? Detailed instructions would be appreciated. I searched counter on google and i can get this html code but i dont know what to do with it. Thanks!