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What Are The Major Differences And Some Similarities Between Facebook And Twitter?


I know that in twitter you can follow people and most celebs use it and for facebook you can use many apps. but what are other differences between it? and some similarities too?

How To Cancel The Integration Between Plurk And Twitter?


I don’t know, I keep trying to cancel my plurk and twitter connection, but it won’t stop! I’m sick of my plurk posts invading my twitter one..

What Are The Differences Between Tabs Vs Links In A Web Page?


I often hear people talk about ‘tabs’ and ‘links’ in web page. I notice that ‘tabs’ are always on the horizontal position on top part of a web page. Links are mostly located in the vertical column or within the main texts.
But, what are actually the correct differences among the two?

What Is The Difference Between Myspace And Facebook?


I do not mean in features both allow “friends” for example. I mean in who uses it and what perceptions there are of those who use these sights. I use both and find people think Mysapce is for “bad” kids and “bands” and facebook is for “Good intelligent kids” yet I have seen more half-nude drunk off your *** pictures of facebook. But Myspace clearly has more kids starved for attention created epileptic ceasure inducing backgrounds etc.
Also which do you prefer and why?

Heavy Metal Bands

What Is The Difference Between A Web Cam And A Quick Cam?


What is the difference between a web cam and a quick cam?
or are they the same thing?

What Is The Difference Between A Web Designer And A Digital Designer?


im going to take online classes for web design. but someone told me i should take digital design instead. whats the difference?

What Are The Key Differences Between A Website And A Blog?


What is a blog? Whether blogs can be made to look like a site or viceversa? How much will it cost to host the same?

What Is The Difference Between Friend And Fan On Facebook?


Is it the way you set up your facebook? Do you have that option when you first sign up? I want to be Michael Phelps friend but I can only be a fan and you can’t do as many things on their page.

What Are Some Of The Differences Between Myspace And Facebook?


Like can you add cool layouts to a facebook profile? Other stuff too.

What’s The Difference Between Bebo Twitter And Facebook? Please Take Into Consideration That I’m A Technophobe?


I’ve heard words like Bebo, Facebook and Twitter discussed by people. I’ve gathered that they are a sort of MSN type communication…but what’s the difference