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How Do I Make My Myspace Blog Better?


I have a site on myspace for layouts, and everytime I try and make a site model link, it works, but if you go into my blogs they are all there. I want it to be just one blog, then when you click on the blog link, it opens up a totally different blog. I dont want everyone to see all my blogs from top to bottom.

For Best Seo Is It Better To Start A New Post In A Blog?


In the same blog is it better to start a new Post and continuing & add more info with the same post? Thanks.

How Can I Get Donations For Software Development Through A Blog? Is There A Better Way?


How can someone get donations/funds for a software that will be offered free? I was told to create a blog and create incentives but i am so lost at this point.
All of the donations will go for developing the software but how do i get that across to people reading the site?
Is there a site out there that will help me get funds for the project?
What about finding angel investors, how to see if they are who they say they are or are they scammers?

How Much Salary Is Better For A Fresh Web Designer/developer And What Company Is Better?


I am a fresher as a web designer and had 4 months experience as Web Administrator. How much salary will suite to me anyway? Thanks!

Would It Be Better To Set Up A Twitter Or Facebook Account To Social Network With Attorneys?


I own a legal services business and lately social networking is the way to go along with my website of course. I just joined a social network specifically for attorneys, however what about facebook and twitter? Is there any reasons why one might be better than the other for my purpose? Do either have a search for occupation or attorney groups?