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What Should I Make A Group For On Facebook, And How Can I Get People To Become Fans Or Join The Group?


I really want to make a group on Facebook, but I don’t know what to make it for. Can you help me think of something to make a group about? And can you give me some tips on how to get people to notice it and join or become a fan.

What Are The Proper Steps To Take To Become A Web Developer?


I am wanting to get a job in the field of web development. I would like to know the steps to get a good job in a company as a web developer. What type of degree(s) are needed, is it better to be self taught. I don’t know. Please help me

How Do I Become A Minion For Misha Collins On Twitter?


I just read his twitter all the way through. I must become one and help the cause of #pdiddyisafraidofhistv.

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How Do You Become Popular On Twitter And Youtube ?


on twitter i only have 9 followers . i really want more , but it seems im just not that popular , how can i become popular on twitter so more people will follow me ?

How Can I Become A Web Agent Or Online Customer Service Rep?


My dream job is to be a web agent or online customer service representative. I like customer service, but prefer to do it through chat rooms or email. I’m having a hard time finding openings in this field, although many companies offer this to their customers. Does anyone out there know of a job bank that focuses on jobs like this one?

How Do People Become Team Members On Your Blog On Blogger?


Ok, so my friend is asking how she can become a member of my blog on Blogger, but I don’t know how to. Can anyone tell me?

In A Blog How Do You Start To Become Famous?


Well………. I started a new blog about club penguin and I wanted to know, how do i become famous in club penguin more better?

Is It A Good Idea To Become A Web Designer Or Web Developer?


I have recently decided that I would like to become either a web designer or web developer…I spend quite a bit of time online and really would like to learn how to build my own website. I am thinking of taking a few courses at the Art institute of Washington so I can get a diploma in web design. I suppose I just wanted to ask if it would be worth while for me to do so? I see many job listing around the area for web designers so I wouldn’t have a problem finding work if I have a good enough portfolio but is web design a good career path to choose?

How Do I Become A Web Applications Developer?


I am a junior in high school and i plan on getting a career in web application developing.What i want to know is what do i need to do to get started?

What Do I Need To Major In To Become A Web Developer?


I want to be a web developer, and wanna know what should i major in. I am confused between computer science and Web development. Most colleges simply don’t have web development it their majors list, which is unrealistic maybe i calling it wrong. So To be a web developer what degree is needed to be a web developer.
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