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Would Anyone Help Me Advertise My Charity Blog?


Hi everyone, I created a blog in order to publish a novel which will hopefully benefit people in Uganda, Africa. I feel as though my website and my purpose are for the most part unknown. If you would please help me spread my message, I would greatly appreciate it. You can view a full description of my mission and my website at . any help would be greatly appreciated.

Does Anyone Know Of A Good Blog Or Website That Keeps Track Of Amazon Deals?


I am looking for a blog or website the updates (at least daily) the deals and price drops on Amazon. Right now I am following “hip2save” and although I like it and it has some good coupon tips it’s selective with Amazon. I’m looking for a site that has a good size Amazon following. ANY tips on blogs or websites would be great- Thanks!

Can Anyone Explain To Me How The People Who Run Twitter Make Money?


From what I can see, Twitter is entirely free to use, it isn’t propped up by advertising, and there are no visible revenue generators on the site.
The site has an enormous worldwide user base, with incredibly high traffic, and all that costs money, so they must be incurring fairly large running costs.
So, how on earth do they do it?
They must be making money from somewhere, but for the life of me, I can’t see where or how.
Anybody got any suggestions?

Does Anyone Know And Awesome Website Where You Can Make A Decorative Blog For Others To Read?


Hi, I love to write and I was wondering if anyone knows of a website for bloggers where they can make a blog, that they can decorate and let others read. I am not talking about just the text. Most blogging websites only let you post pictures, videos, and whatever. I am talking about actual like scrapbooking collage, and sticker decorating. Thank you….

Can Anyone Think Of A Cute Catchy Blog Title To Do With Libby?


I have a blog and right now the title is “Libby’s Blog” it is kind of boring and I want something a little more creative. If it is possible I would like to fit a bible verse in there some how. I know it is hard, but if you have any suggestions please leave your answer.

How Do I Change My My Space Blog From “friends Only” To Public View So That Anyone Can See My Blogs?


I wrote a blog last year and set it to be viewable by friends only at the time, and I’m afraid that if I try to change it now, it will delete the entire blog and the ten or more comments from friends that accompany it. Help!

What Is The Point Of Twittering And Does Anyone Have An Account On


I notice that twitter is getting more and more popular. How is it different from all those other networking sites such as Facebook, and Myspace?

Does Anyone Know Of A Web-site To Buy Cheap Fags And Alcohol?


Soon, we may be allowed to buy fags and alcohol from different countries without paying tax on these. If it happens, are there any foriegn web sites of this, so i can prepare.

Does Anyone Know Of A Good Website That I Can Start A Free Blog On?


I want to blog about the rest of pregnancy to have it to remember and keep others updated on the babies. I asked it here because I know lots of you mommy’s have them. Thanks in advance!

How Do You Play With Facebook Privately Without Letting Anyone Receive Any Status Updates?


Let’s say you are bored at work and you want to get on Facebook, but your boss is on your friends list. You don’t want your boss to get a status update of your drunken photos from your birthday party or the sub machine gun you just picked up in Mafia Wars. How do you do that?